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Baaya Yurrung Preschool philosophy is based on children sharing their lives, having a family feel, strong community connection and what is treasured about children.

Children sharing their lives

Children bring their lives into the preschool, sharing their existing personalities, skills and knowledge. These attributes should be acknowledged and celebrated. They add a dimension to the preschool creating a rounded and full environment where voices are listened to and respect is mutual. There should be avenues to display self-sufficency, responsibility and pride. There should be guidance to develop consideration of others and opportunities to develop potency-that is a sense that they can make a difference to themselves and their world and can act on their values. 

Having a family feeling

Families should walk into a familiar and warm place, a place that feels trustworthy, friendly and safe - a place where they are happy to leave their child. They should be greeted openly and with respect, they are the first teacher of their child. There should be the opportunity for free discussion regarding all aspects of the family's involvement in the preschool. Shared and equal relationships hold high value and are invested in daily.

Strong community connection

Community is important to the preschool. Our community help form and shape social relationships outside the school and so this is then brought into the preschool and needs to be respected. The community also bring culture and values to the preschool which should be respected and celebrated. Feedback and input should be considered part of the whole program. There should be a shared knowledge through stories.

What is treasured about the children

The preschool program should reflect what is treasured about the children, their ideas and interests, their personalities and uniqueness. The national Early Years Learning Framework guides and encompassess the program and should be evident in the way the preschool feels, looks, smells and sounds. There should be curiosity and colour, brightness and busy-ness, pride and respect. Health and hygiene will be vital as it provides the foundation for total wellbeing; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Preschool Philosophy (pdf 2170 KB)

Photos from our preschool

Exploring in our sensory garden and using our white boards to exercise drawing and writing skills.


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